About us


A customer-oriented service experience with optimum performance and profitability are a must in any business. Our ambition is to make the step together from incident-driven customer contact to a proactive and structured approach, resulting in maximum efficiency and guaranteed additional profit.

Our Approach:

Commitment, courage, independence and a no-nonsense mentality are the core values of our organisation. From this identity we work for and with our customers. Setting clear goals, creating efficient ways to reach these goals, coaching, motivating all people involved and following up. That is our approach.

We facilitate companies with modern, user-friendly tools. These tools not only serve as practical support during the daily work, but stimulate and motivate employees to perform the best job they can.


Autoconnect Holland BV originated from a collaboration with Autoconnect Ltd. in the United Kingdom and is founded by Eric Weijers. With more than 25 years of national and international experience in aftersales, Eric manages Autoconnect Holland BV. with lots of enthusiasm and passion for the business.

Together with Autoconnect Ltd. we have our own in-house software development team. In addition to continuous development of our own products, we also provide local, tailor made, solutions. For example: special digital check templates, links to dealer management systems, specific reporting. With our Support & Consultancy Team, we provide professional implementation, management and monitoring of all processes on location.