EVHC - Lite

Electronic Vehicle Health Check-Lite

Smart digital interface for workshop and reception

Set reminders for maintenance, MOT or deferred work in an instant and send the reminders automatically  by email or text message.

EVHC-Lite is a smart interface for direct communication from the workshop floor to the reception and back. Once a check is carried out in the workshop all relevant information is available online for further processing. Authorized work can also be fed back into the workshop.
EVHC-Lite can be used on a tablet, PC or laptop and is most commonly used in businesses where workshop, reception and parts department tasks are combined. Additionally with EVHC-Lite smaller companies can improve their after sales profits and increase customer satisfaction at the same time.

Automatically send reminders:

  • Enter the registration number. Customer and vehicle data is automatically input.
  • Enter a date for MOT and / or service.
  • Select "Automatically send" email / text message.
  • Your reminders are sent automatically.
  • All jobs and follow up activities are visible in the active diary.

Interface workshop / reception:

  • Perform checks with a tablet or laptop.
  • Results instantly online.
  • Create a digital quotation.
  • Confirm repair authorisation online.
  • Feedback to mechanics on their tablet or handheld.
  • Schedule and monitor any remaining jobs.
  • Send automatic reminders via Text message, email or both.
  • All events recorded in a digital customer report.
  • Quick, Simple & Effective.

System Features?:

  • Fully Web-based, 24/7.
  • Suitable for all kinds of vehicles.
  • Different printing options, including  logos etc.
  • Automatically send unlimited reminders by email and text message.
  • Diary with reminder notice.
  • Tyre check, including tread depths.
  • Graphical display body inspection.
  • Real-time transparent reports.
  • Links with car and customer data.
  • Various options for DMS integration.
  • Real-time view of job status.

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EVHC agenda
EVHC rapport

EVHc Lite band

Personalized reports possible:

  • - Colors.

  • - Check names.

  • - Logo’s.

  • - Digital signatures.

  • - More.