Customer benifits

Electronic Vehicle Health Check

For the customer:

Performing ordinary jobs well is the least that a customer expects and is no longer a guarantee for customer loyalty. Of course work must be properly and flawlessly executed and EVHC offers added value to this process. In addition, issues such as maximum transparency, managing costs and proactive service are of great importance.
EVHC makes it possible to always offer a customer-oriented service experience at the right time. For us, definitely a must for every business. With EVHC you move from incident triggered customer contact towards a proactive and lasting structural approach to your aftersales.

Quick, Simple & Effective

  • Commitment, transparency, proactive service.
  • Clear quotes including photos.
  • Easy and accurate job descriptions.
  • Detailed reports incl. agreements and signatures.
  • Recording of future work and costs.
  • Reduce stress from unexpected expenses.
  • Receive reminders via email and / or text message.
  • All history is stored digitally.
EVHC klantrapport

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EVHC klant

EVHC agenda

Personalized reports possible:

  • - Colors.

  • - Check names.

  • - Logo’s.

  • - Digital signatures.

  • - More.