Electronic Vehicle Health Check

Outdated processes result in loss of margin. How much time do mechanics lose daily while waiting for parts department and reception or by miscommunication? EVHC facilitates aftersales departments with clear and efficient workflow.

With EVHC your organisation moves from incident triggered aftersales to a proactive and structural approach. Resulting in maximum efficiency and guaranteed additional profit. EVHC users perform 20% higher than the industry average and also score better in customer satisfaction.

Also increase your after sales profit by 20%:

  • Reduce costs.
  • Increase turnover.
  • Improve work processes.
  • Work faster and more efficiently.
  • Proactive aftersales.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Focus on real-time and relevant KPI’s.

EVHC gives you complete insight into your aftersales business:

  • Do your mechanics identify all sales opportunities?
  • How much revenue per workshop visit do you achieve in the workshop?
  • If this is above or below average?
  • What sells and what does not and why not?
  • How are the performances per franchise, Aftersales Manager or Technician?

With a simple press of a button you have all the relevant management information.

Quick,Simple & Effective

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