How EVHC works

Electronic Vehicle Health Check


EVHC controls and digitalizes the workshop processes, facilitating users to the maximum during their daily work. The technicians carry out checks on a tablet or smartphone. All check results are immediately passed on to the front desk and parts department to follow up.

EVHC reduces errors caused by miscommunication and increases efficiency. Say goodbye to unnecessary paperwork, unnecessary walking back and forth, waiting and outdated / traditional work procedures!

We deliver customised digital checks and can create any desired checklist in EVHC. EVHC can be used for all kinds of vehicles such as passenger cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, motorhomes and caravans.

Quick, Simple & Effective:

Perform checks with a tablet or handheld device.
• Results instantly online, including photos.
• Create a digital quotation.
• Confirm repair authorisation online.
• Feedback to mechanics on their tablet or handheld device.
• Schedule and monitor any remaining jobs.
• Send automatic reminders via Text message, email or both.
• All events recorded in a digital customer report.

Increase aftersales profit by 20 percent with EVHC.

Facilitate your workshop, reception and parts department with modern tools.

Improve customer satisfaction.

System Features:

• Fully Web-based, 24/7.
• Suitable for all kinds of vehicles.
• Tailored checks, including photos and video.
• Different printing options, including custom logos etc.
• Multi Franchise use.
• Automatically send unlimited reminders by email and text message.
• Follow up diary with reminder notice.
• Tyre check including tread depths.
• Graphical display body inspections.
• Hand held device / tablet for mechanics.
• Real-time transparent reports.
• Linking with vehicle and customer data possible.
• Various options for DMS integration.
• Real-time view of job status.
• Linking to menu pricing / parts systems possible.
• Chat function for workshop, reception & parts department.

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