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Electronic Vehicle Health Check

In the Workshop:

EVHC uses smart pull-down menus to limit typing to a minimum. Mechanics use a tablet or smartphone. Information about the technical condition of the vehicle and any additional work is recorded quickly and clearly, including photos, priority, additional comments, tyre and body inspection reports.


With one press of a button, all information is sent to reception and parts department. After processing, all authorised jobs are sent back to the mechanics tablet. Quick, Simple & Effective.

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Cars / Motorcycles / Trucks and More.

  • Structured workflow.
  • Avoid unnecessary walking back and forth.
  • Less waiting time.
  • Various (tailor made) checks available.
  • Work efficiently divided into clear categories.
  • Clear fault descriptions.
  • Fast input via "pull-down" menus.
  • Easy to add internal notes and photos.

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Quick, Simple & Effective

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