Reception & Parts

Electronic Vehicle Health Check

Reception & Parts:

Using a tablet or smart phone the mechanics record fast, clear and accurate information about the technical condition of the car and any necessary repairs. All information is available online, including photos, priority, comments, tyre and body inspection reports.


With this information, digital quotes can be quickly and efficiently prepared and communicated to the customer. After authorisation, the reception communicates the agreed work to the Parts Department and the mechanic online. All actions and agreements with customers are automatically recorded and can be retrieved immediately.

  • Clear dashboard with current job status.
  • Create digital quotations including photos.
  • Agreements with customers registered.
  • Future work planning.
  • Send reminders to customers automatically through e-mail and text message.
  • Interactive diary for servicing, MOT, delayed work and more.
  • Chat function between technicians, reception and parts department.

Quick, Simple & Effective

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