Drivers Safety Check

Drivers Safety Check

More than 150,000 professional drivers use our Drivers Safety Check app. every day.


Daily dangerous situations occur on European roads from sudden breakdowns or accidents with trucks, trailers and buses. Often unnecessary and resulting in long traffic jams, considerable economic damage and sometimes even personal suffering.


As vehicle owner, or where appropriate, vehicle operator, you are responsible under European law to always keep your vehicles in appropriate traffic conditions. Some EU countries enforce this law very strictly, with high fines and penalties if requirements are failed to be met.


As an important part of this EU law enforcement professional HGV and bus drivers are legally obliged to perform the Driver Safety Check on a daily basis in several EU countries. Each day before driving they must confirm that the vehicle combination is safe and road worthy. Any detected faults must be followed up (proven) and all check results and follow up archived and available for inspection by Government authorities.


To avoid endless paperwork, we have developed the Drivers Safety Check. Easy to perform on a Smartphone and full compliance with the legal requirements. No complicated software or large investments, but as simple as:
  • Scan
  • Check
  • Submit
  • Monitor
  • Archive
Unique QR codes, applied to weatherproof metal stickers, are used for vehicle identification and check items per location around the vehicle. To view and process the checklists the driver scans the code on each location with his smartphone and registers any issues. All results are automatically sent to the fleet manager for further processing. Data such as the vehicle location and time spent on the check are also recorded automatically.
The fleet manager will automatically receive alerts and Truckfile offers a digital platform for further processing. From check to workshop planning to digital job sheet work to invoice. Everything is in one application. Completely web-based, accessible 24/7, without large investments.

Download our Drivers Safety Check Instructions and app.
Follow the instructions and see for yourself how easy it is.

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